Information Technology

Bachelor of Science

This major prepares students for employment in a wide range of technical computer-based occupations ranging from networking to database administration, help desk solutions, and web administration.

To successfully complete the Information Technology Major, the following coursework is required:

  • 54 credits of IT Major Requirements
  • 18-21 credits to secure a minor
    Note that all IT majors are required to take a minor. MIS (Management Information Systems) is not available as a minor for these purposes.
  • 45-48 credits of CORE Curriculum courses and General Electives as required to reach 120.

    A minimum of 120 credits is required for completion of degree, the last 30 of which must be completed at La Roche College.

    Note: The IT program is not structured to be a part of La Roche College's undergraduate business programs and therefore is not included in its ACBSP accreditation.

IT Elective: Select 1

ISTC2050 Distributed Data Processing
ISTC3008 Web Page Usability & Programming
ISTC3020 Computer Programming: COBOL
ISTC3028 Scripting for the Web
ISTC3031 Advanced Networking & Telecom
  IT Major Requirements: 54 credits

ENGL2030 Technical Writing
ISTC1021 Problem Solving
ISTC1025 Computer Hardware
ISTC2005 IST: A Global Perspective
ISTC2008 Introduction to Cyberspace
ISTC2021 Management Of Information Systems
ISTC2025 Computer-Based Training & DL
ISTC2030 Networking
ISTC2045 Data Base Management Systems
ISTC3000 Advanced Computer Hardware
ISTC3005 Legal Issues and Info Tech
ISTC3015 Human Computer Interaction
ISTC3030 Linux
ISTC3034 Computer Programming in Java
ISTC3046 Advanced Data Base Management Concepts
ISTC4042 Systems Analysis and Design
ISTC4055 Senior Seminar in IST