Computer Science Minor


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A minor in Computer Science is an opportunity for students to fulfill career or personal interests, and/or to facilitate in depth study in a field of secondary interest.

Minors must be completed within the student's graduation timeline. A minimum GPA of 2.0 must be achieved in the following courses to qualify for this minor.

To complete a minor in computer science, a minimum of 23 credits must be taken in computer science in accordance with the following schedule.

17 credits in Required Courses and a minimum of 6 additional 2000+ level computer-science credits.

Computer Science Minor Electives: Choose 6 Credits from the following 2000+ Level courses

CRIM4030 Computer Forensics Investigations
CSCI2025 Systems Programming
CSCI2035 Computer Organization & Design
CSCI2055 Database Systems Theory
CSCI3040 Operating Systems
CSCI4010 Compiler Design
CSCI4020 Introduction to Software Engineering
CSCI4045 Telecommunications I
CSCI4046 Telecommunications II
CSCI4055 Advanced Database Theory
CSCI4070 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
MATH2051 Discrete Mathematics II
  Required Courses: 17 credits

CSCI1002 Introduction to Computer Science
CSCI1010 Programming I
CSCI1010L Programming I Lab
CSCI2010 Programming II
CSCI2010L Programming II Lab
CSCI2020 Algorithm Analysis
MATH2050 Discrete Mathematics I