Marketing Minor


To complete the Marketing Minor, a total of 15 credits are required.

Minor Electives: Select 9 credits (3 courses)

MRKT2007 Advertising & Public Relations
MRKT3016 Personal Selling
MRKT3031 Sports Marketing
MRKT3033 Marketing Research
MRKT3049 International Marketing & Export Management
MRKT3050 Internet Marketing
MRKT4016 Brand Managment
MRKT4018 Services Marketing
MRKT4019 Sports Administration & Management
MRKT4031 Contemporary Topics in Marketing
MRKT4035 Retail Marketing & Management
MRKT4046 Sales Management
  Minor Requirements: 6 credits (Select MRKT3012 or MRKT4014)

MRKT2021 Marketing Management
MRKT3012 Buyer Behavior
MRKT4014 Marketing Strategy