Applied Physics Minor


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A total of 24 credits is required for completion of a minor in Applied Physics. Students must achieve a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the following courses to qualify for the minor. NOTE: All labs are zero (0) credits and must be taken with the corresponding course.

Required Courses:

PHYS1032 Physics I
PHYS1032L Physics I-Lab
PHYS1033 Physics II
PHYS1033L Physics II-Lab
PHYS2030 Physics III
PHYS2030L Physics III-Lab
PHYS2080 Analog Electronics I
PHYS2080L Analog Electronics I-Lab
PHYS3080 Digital Electronics II
PHYS3080L Digital Electronics II-Lab
  Six (6) credits (2 courses) selected from the following:

PHYS3075 Computational Physics
PHYS3082 Electronic Communication
PHYS3082L Electronic Communication-Lab
PHYS4075 Physics of Information Theory
PHYS4080 Instrumentation Physics
PHYS4080L Instrumentation Physics-Lab