Film, Video and Media

Bachelor of Arts

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This cooperative program with Pittsburgh Filmmakers is meant to provide majors with the necessary background to pursue a career in any aspect of the film, video and media industries in activities ranging from writing and directing to editing, producing and animation.

To successfully complete the Film, Video and Media major, the following are required:

  • 30 credits of Major Requirements
  • 24 credits of Pittsburgh Filmmakers Required courses
  • 18 credits of Pittsburgh Filmmakers Electives (to be chosen in consultation with academic advisor)
  • 34 credits of CORE Curriculum courses
  • 14 credits of General Electives
  • A minimum of 120 credits is required for degree, the last 30 of which must be completed at La Roche College.

    Major Requirements: 30 credits

    CMET1001 Human Communication
    CMET1002 Mass Media & Digital Communication
    CMET3005 Message Design & Media
    ENGL2040 Creative Writing I
    ENGL2043 Film Analysis: Form, History, Ideology
    ENGL3035 Writing for Television & Radio
    GCDN1025 Fundamentals of Electronic Publishing
    ISTC1005 Practical Computer Applications
    ISTC2008 Introduction to Cyberspace
    MRKT2021 Marketing Management
      Pittsburgh Film Makers Requirements: 24 credits

    FVMA1001 Photographic and Motion Pictures
    FVMA1004 International Film History
    FVMA1006 Film Production I
    FVMA1007 Elements of Film
    FVMA1010 Intro to Film Theory & Criticism
    FVMA2025 Technical Directing
    FVMA2028 Intro to Screenwriting
    FVMA3034 Producing for Film and Video