Political Science

Bachelor of Arts

A major in Political Science helps to prepare students for careers in politics, government, global service, legal studies, graduate studies, journalism, and diplomacy. To successfully complete the Political Science major, the following coursework is required:

  • 9 credits of Political Science Requirements
  • 24 credits of Political Science Major Electives:
  • 34 credits of CORE Curriculum courses
  • 53 credits of General Electives
  • A minimum of 120 credits is required for degree, the last 30 of which must be taken at La Roche College.


Political Science Major - 9 credits required:

POLI1022 American Government
POLI3015 History of Political Thought
POLI3021 Comparative Government
  Political Science Major Electives -- 24 credits selected from the following two sub-fields.
American Politics (no more than 15 credits from this sub-field):

COMM4009 Media & Democracy
HIST1011 U.S. History: The Emergence of a Mass Democracy (1865-1945)
HIST3000 History & Culture of the American Indian
HIST3038 History of Black Americans
POLI2075 Public Policy
POLI3002 History of European Diplomacy
POLI3005 Constitutional Law
POLI3023 Modern U.S. Diplomatic History
POLI3033 American Foreign Policy
POLI3036 History of American Political Values, Beliefs & Ideas
POLI3037 The American Presidency
POLI3039 Politics and Society
SLHS1002 Multicultural History of the U.S.
SOCL1034 Race & Ethnicity
SOCL2038 Wealth, Power & Prestige
  Political Science Major Electives
Comparative Politics (no more than 15 credits from this sub-field):

CRIM3036 Terrorism
HIST2000 Britain & Its Empire
HIST3005 Contemporary Central America
HIST3020 Russia & the Soviet World
HIST3026 History of Modern Germany
HIST3027 History of Modern Europe
HIST3028 East Asian History
POLI2001 Global Politics
POLI2045 Islam in the World
POLI3002 History of European Diplomacy
POLI3019 History & Politics of Africa
POLI3025 Development: Political, Social & Economic Issues
POLI3040 Ethnic Conflict
POLI3041 Terrorism in the Modern Age
POLI3045 History & Politics of the Middle East
POLI3051 Development in Southeast Asia
POLI3052 Experience of Modern War
POLI3082 Social Movements & Resistance
POLI4000C History & Politics of Italy
SLHS1002 Multicultural History of the U.S.
SOCL1023 Global Social Problems