Computer Science

Bachelor of Science

A major in Computer Science is meant to prepare students for jobs and careers in the computer industry or for further study at the graduate level in computer science, telecommunications, or related fields, or to provide students with a background in a fundamental science.

To complete the computer science degree major, a minimum of 120 credits is required, the last 30 of which must be earned at La Roche College. The required course work consists of:

  • 34 credits in computer science core-components
  • 9 credits in computer science electives
  • 14 credits in mathematics
  • 8 credits in physics
  • 34 credits in core curriculum
  • 21 credits in general electives

Computer Science Core: 34 credits

CSCI1002 Introduction to Computer Science
CSCI1010 Programming I
CSCI1010L Programming I Lab
CSCI2010 Programming II
CSCI2010L Programming II Lab
CSCI2020 Algorithm Analysis
CSCI2025 Systems Programming
CSCI2025L Systems Programming Lab
CSCI2035 Computer Organization & Design
CSCI2035L Computer Organization and Design Lab
CSCI2055 Database Systems Theory
CSCI3040 Operating Systems
CSCI4098 CS Senior Capstone Experience I
CSCI4099 CS Senior Capstone Experience II
  Computer Science Electives: Select 9 credits

CRIM3043 Computer Crime
CSCI4XXX Computer Science-4000 level
ISTC3005 Legal Issues and Info Tech
ISTC3008 Web Page Usability & Programming
ISTC3015 Human Computer Interaction
  Mathematics Components: 14 credits

MATH1032 Analytic Geometry & Calculus I
MATH1033 Analytic Geometry & Calculus II
MATH1040 Probability & Statistics
MATH2050 Discrete Mathematics I
  Physics Components: 8 credits

PHYS1032 Physics I
PHYS1032L Physics I-Lab
PHYS1033 Physics II
PHYS1033L Physics II-Lab