The purpose of the Undeclared Program is to provide a guide outlining the core curriculum requirements for those students that have not yet declared a major.

To qualify for a degree from La Roche College a student must do the following:

  • Complete the courses below as "CORE Curriculum Requirements" for all majors
  • Successfully earn a minimum of 120-132 credits, the last 30 of which must be earned at La Roche College
  • Select a major and complete a program of studies that meets the department requirements and the approval of his/her advisor
  • Achieve a minimum QPA of 2.0 or "C" overall and a QPA of 2.0 (or higher as designated by certain departments)in the area of the declared major.

CORE Curriculum Requirements:

ENGL1011 College Writing I
ENGL1011L College Writing I-Lab
ENGL1012 College Writing II
GLBL/COMM Global/Community Course
ISTC1005 Practical Computer Applications
LRCX1001 LRX:Intro & History
LRCX1002 LRX:Diversity & Discrimination
LRCX2001 LRX:Regions of Conflict
LRCX2002 LRX:Economic Justice
MATH1010 College Algebra
SLAE Select Aesthetics
SLLT Select Literature