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The 36-credit on-line graduate program in Nursing Administration prepares students for leadership positions in a variety of settings. The Nursing Administration specialization at La Roche College provides a unique opportunity for nurses to develop the specialized leadership skills required to be successful nurse leaders now and in the future. Today's health care environment requires strong leaders who can make a positive difference in organizational outcomes.

In the wake of a changing health care environment, the need for nursing leadership has continued to grow. Nursing roles are being redefined and expanded to include more managerial and administrative responsibilities. Leadership opportunities are extending beyond the traditional nursing setting. This specialty area prepares nurses to work effectively with other members of the health care team in the delivery of quality patient care. Students learn to analyze contemporary nursing leadership issues, to confidently participate in policy formation and decision making, and to gain valuable expertise in pertinent business disciplines. Courses required for the Nursing Administration Specialty are outlined below.


Fall Semester Year One:

NURG5002 Nursing Theory & Research
NURG5013 Role Development of the Nurse Administrator & Nurse Educator
NURG5033 Nursing Informatics for Nurse Administrators & Nurse Educators
  Fall Semsester Year Two:

NADM5000 Health Care Finance
NADM5020 Nursing Administration II
NADM5025 Nursing Administration II: Seminar & Practicum
  Spring Semester Year One:

NADM5017 Nursing Administration I:Theory, Concepts & Principles
NURG5020 Health Policy
NURG5035 Human Diversity & Social Issues in Nursing Administration & Nursing Education
  Spring Semester Year Two:

NADM6000 Nursing Administration III
NADM6025 Nursing Administration III: Seminar & Practicum
NURG6000 Capstone Research Experience