Political Science Minor


The goal of the political science minor is to offer La Roche students exposure to the general study of political science, and to gain a basic understanding of the political science sub-fields of American Politics and Comparative Politics. Outcomes of the political science minor are: achievement of a general understanding of the American political system; achieving the ability to assess and analyze differing governments and political systems in various parts of the world; and understanding key concepts in political thought.

REQUIRED COURSES: 15 credits required for minor, divided among three (3) credit required courses and 2 (3)three credit advanced Political Science courses:

Political Science Major Electives -- 24 credits selected from the following two sub-fields.
American Politics (no more than 15 credits from this sub-field):

POLI4051 Internship in Political Science
  Required Courses: 9 credits

POLI1022 American Government
POLI3015 History of Political Thought
POLI3021 Comparative Government
  Required Electives: 6 credits-Any two 3000-level-Political Science- 3 credit courses

POLI3XXX Political Science 3000-level
POLI3XXX Political Science 3000-level