Sustainable Studies Minor


Designed by faculty in multiple disciplines, the 18-credit SIS Minor at La Roche provides students the opportunity to study the principles and engage in the practices of environmental justice. This minor crosses boundaries to show that sustainability and environmental justice are part of every discipline – from literature to sociologyto interior design and beyond.

Students will have the opportunity to examine real-world problems, integrating information from their major field and a variety of disciplines to address the most important environmental issues of the present and the future. For instance, students may become involved in calculating a company’s greenhouse gas emissions and exploring how to lower them. No matter their major, students will see how sustainability relates to their area of study.

To learn more about this new minor currently being offered to incoming students, please contact Mary Ellen Adams, faculty secretary, at 412-536-1184 or e-mail:

Integrated Paper/Project Credits: 3 credits (Independent Study credits)-Required
Freshman (1 credit)
Sophomore (1 credit)
Junior (1 credit)

Integrated Experience: 3 credits (select 1)-Required
Internship (3 credits)
Service Learning (3 credits)
Integrated Research (3 credits)
Creative Expression(3 credits)

Clustered Courses (Environmental Justice Cluster/Ethics, Culture and Design Cluster): Select 9 credits

IDSN3059 Advanced Ideas Seminar in Interior Design
INST2011 World Geography
INST3013 Geography & World Affairs
PHIL2026 Ethics
PSYC4050 Special Topics in Advanced Psychology
SLLT1009 Literature of the Environment
SOCL3025 Social Change & Development
SOCL3081 Environment & Society
SOCL3082 Social Movements & Resistance
  Required Gateway Course: 3 credits

SOCL1023 Global Social Problems