Child and Family Studies

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts

 The Child and Family Studies major focuses on human development within the context of families, communities, and the wider society, and an understanding of challenges and treatment options for families in distress. The major is interdisciplinary in nature, with a core foundation in psychology as well as perspectives from education and the social sciences.To successfully complete the Child and Family Studies major, the following coursework is required:

  • 43 credits of Major Requirements
  • 37 credits of Core Requirements
  • 40 credits of General Electives

This major cannot be doubled with a major or minor in Psychology.

Major Requirements: 43 Credits

CFST2010 Survey of the Helping Professions and Family Policy
CFST3025 Contemporary Family Styles
CFST4051 Child and Family Studies Internship
CFST4052 Child and Family Studies Internship II
CFST4055 Senior Seminar
PSYC1021 Introduction to Psychology
PSYC2022 Child Development
PSYC2040 Adolescence Psychology
PSYC3011 Research Methods in Psychology
PSYC3023 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC3032 Psychology of Adulthood & Aging
PSYC3040 Counseling Theories & Methods I
PSYC3041 Counseling Theories & Methods II
PSYC3070 Critical Skills for Psychology Students