Computer Security & Forensics Minor


As new technology continues to play an ever-increasing role in our society, so do the opportunities for its exploitation. Computer hackers now routinely threaten private citizens, businesses and governments. Effectively combating these threats will require a new type of professional who has expertise in both disciplines, criminal justice and technology. In law enforcement, there is a need for professionals that can join the fight against cyber crime, cyber terrorism, identity theft, and the exploitation of minors. In business, there is a need for professionals with the necessary technology skills for recognizing and mitigating the threats and vulnerabilites of computers and networks. The Computer Security and Forensics minor brings together the disciplines of technology and criminal justice to uniquely prepare students for careers at the intersection of these two fields.

To successfully complete the Computer Security and Forensics minor, a minimum of 18 credits are required.
Please note, there are separate requirements for Criminal Justice majors and Information Systems Technology/Computer Science Majors.

Requirements for All Majors:

CRIM3043 Computer Crime
CRIM4030 Computer Forensics Investigations
ISTC2030 Networking
  Requirements for Criminal Justice Majors:

CSCI1002 Introduction to Computer Science
CSCI1010 Programming I
CSCI1010L Programming I Lab
  Requirements for Information Systems Technology/Computer Science Majors:

CRIM1001 Intro Criminal Justice
CRIM3010 Criminal Law