Communication, Media & Technology

Bachelor of Science

The Communication, Media and Technology Department prepares students for positions with video, television, radio, internet and other media organizations. With a strong background in communication, technology, computers, writing and message design, students who want to be writers, directors and producers of mass media can get their start in the department of Communication, Media and Technology. The program also offers significant background and experience in understanding the structure of computer-mediated communication and the ways that people communicate through the internet. For those from developing countries, Communication, Media and Technology is especially relevant in preparing students to help organize, plan and provide programming for media such as radio, television, internet and cable.

To complete the Communication, Media and Technology major successfully, the following course work is required:

  • 51 credits of Major Requirements
  • 37 credits required in the core curriculum
  • 32 credits of general electives

Basic Skills and Fundamental Knowledge Area: Select 9 credits

ADMG2021 Marketing Management
COMM4038 The Creative Process
GCDN1025 Fundamentals of Electronic Publishing
GCDN1071 Computer Graphics II
GCDN2029 Interactive I
ISTC2008 Introduction to Cyberspace
MRKT2007 Advertising & Public Relations
SOCL1021 Race, Class, Gender: An Introduction to Sociology
SOCL2070 Culture & Human Societies
  Capstone Requirements: 6 credits

CMET4050 Senior Capstone
CMET4051 Communication Internship I
  Communicating Effectively: Select 9 credits

ENGL2040 Creative Writing I
ENGL3042 Writing for Non-Profits
SPCH1001 Modern Public Speaking
SPCH1022 Creative Dramatics
SPCH2002 Contemporary Communication Through Discussion
  Communication, Media and Technology Electives: Select 6 credits

CMET2001 Communication in Organizations
CMET3005 Message Design & Media
CMET3040 Special Topics in Communication, Media & Technology
  Required Coursework: 21 credits

CMET1001 Human Communication
CMET1002 Mass Media & Digital Communication
CMET2003 Communication Between Cultures
CMET2005 Communication Theory, Research and Criticism
CMET3002 New Media & Digital Communication Technology
CMET4001 Legal Issues of Media and Digital Communication
CMET4002 Broadcasting, Cable and New Media