Master of Education with Autism Spectrum Disorder Endorsement Certification


PURPOSE: The Master's Degree in Special Education is designed for candidates who currently hold a teaching certificate and a special education certificate.  Candidates will earn a M.Ed. and an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) endorsement.  The curriculum is developed to provide graduates with the advanced skills and knowledge needed to successfully teach children with special needs and work effectively with their families and agenices.

30 credits are required for degree


  1. Master's Degree Candidates (MDC) will demonstrate the knowledge and skills to foster academic, social, and emotional growth to maximize the abilities of individual students with diverse needs.
  2. MDC will demonstrate competence in classroom management for diverse populations, with a focus on students in inclusive settings.
  3. MDC will integrate evidence based practice (instructional strategies and assessment techniques) to meet the needs of students and families.
  4. MDC will employ skills in facilitating the transition process of students with special needs.
  5. MDC will collaborate with various community agencies to enhance educational opportunities for all stakeholders.
  6. MDC will engage in research to actively promote the advancement of the profession.

Required Courses: 30 credits

EDSP5015 Contemporary Issues in Special Education & Introduction to Research
EDSP5025 Collaborating with Families and Community Agencies
EDSP5030 Reading Instruction for Students with High Incidence Exceptionalities
EDSP5035 Research Methods
EDSP5040 Introduction to Education of Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder
EDSP5045 Advanced Behavior Studies
EDSP5050 Communication and Social Skills Instruction for Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder
EDSP5055 Advanced Topics for Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Curriculum and Instruction
EDSP6020 Advanced Instructional Strategies and Assistive Technology
EDSP6025 Research Based Assessment Methods and Seminar