Interior Design

Bachelor of Science in Interior Design

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The La Roche College Interior Design Program believes that a successful interior design education enhances a student's innate creativity and interest in the built environment. An interior design education also effectively teaches the knowledge and skills needed to evolve holistic, thoughtfully conceived design solutions in response to humanity's aesthetic, emotional, and utilitarian design needs. The program's mission is to prepare students to perform as design professionals with a life-long desire to remain current in the profession and be advocates for design excellence, thereby promoting the importance of interior design to society.

This major prepares students for careers in commercial and residential interior design in large and small interior design and architecture firms, as well as industrial, commercial and institutional organizations. It also provides a solid foundation for students who wish to own a design firm or pursue a graduate degree in design. The interior design program fosters the transition to the professional world by requiring all majors to complete an internship experience in the field prior to graduation.

Entering interior design majors are required to purchase a laptop computer with software that is commonly used in the profession. Specific computer requirements for the 2011-2012 academic year can be viewed at These requirements are updated annually in the summer.

The Council for Interior Design Accreditation has granted accreditation to the La Roche College Interior Design Program continuously since 1985. The College also holds National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) accreditation, which extends to the Interior Design program. Membership in the student chapter of the American Society of Interior Design (ASID) and in the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) is available to all design majors.

Interior Design Portfolio Review
To advance in the curriculum, Interior Design majors are required to present a portfolio of their work to the interior design faculty at two key points in their education:

1. Freshman Review
Students submit work for Freshman Review after completing IDSN1020, IDSN1021, and IDSN1062 with grades of "C" or above. Students may advance to IDSN2038a Interior Design II only after completing the Advisory Review process. Freshman Review results in one of three recommendations:

  • to continue in interior design;
  • to continue in interior design with stated reservations and recommended action; or
  • to change majors before the next academic term

2. Sopohomore Review
Students submit work for Sophomore Review after completing IDSN2038b and four of the following five courses with grades of "C" or above: IDSN1023, IDSN2015, IDSN2044, IDSN2045 and IDSN2046.

Exception: Students in the Three-Year Accelerated Curriculum must pass IDSN2038a and IDSN2038b and five of the following six courses with grades of "C" or above: IDSN1023, IDSN2015, IDSN2037, IDSN2044, IDSN2045, and IDSN3040.

Students may advance to IDSN3028a Interior Design III only after successfully completing the Sophomore Review process. Sophomore Review results in one of three decisions:

  • student is invited to continue to major in interior design;
  • student is required to repeat IDSN2038b Interior Design II the next semester, and submit work for Sophomore Review again (note: this option may only be offered once); or
  • student is required to change majors before the beginning of the next term.

Students must earn a grade of "C" or above in all interior design major requirements to fulfill prerequisites and graduation requirements. Grades below a "C" may delay participation in portfolio reviews and advancement in the curriculum.

Interior design courses are offered during summer session as enrollment permits. Courses also are offered in the evening, but students are unable to complete the program without taking courses during the day.

The program is technically a four-and-one-half year curriculum because a student must earn a minimum of 133 credit hours to attain a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design (BSID) degree, with the last 30 credit hours earned at La Roche College. The following course work is required:

  • 78 credits of interior design major requirements
  • 15 credits of interior design major electives; in addition to the courses shown below, students may select electives from Graphic & Communication Design. Six of the 15 credits are business-related electives; options include accounting, advertising, management, marketing, and finance
  • 34 credits of college core requirements
  • 3 credits of general electives

To complete the curriculum in four years, students must attend summer school or carry more than 15 hours a semester. (See Semester Credit Maximum for the College policy on overload.)

A Five-Year Extended Curriculum has been created for students who wish to pursue a minor (e.g., psychology, management, visual communications, etc.) or for those who enter with test scores that indicate an extended curriculum would be beneficial. Additionally, a Three-Year Accelerated Curriculum has been developed for mature students who transfer a significant number of credits (generally 30 or more) from another institution. Admittance into the Three-Year Accelerated Curriculum is by invitation only. All curriculum alternatives include the same interior design course work. Information about these various ways of completing the curriculum is available in the Interior Design Department.

In fulfilling the 78 credits of major requirements, students choose either ARTH1018 or another approved ARTH course.

Interior Design Major Requirements: 78 credits

ARTH1018 History of Art II: Renaissance to Modern
IDSN1011 Interior Design Graphics I
IDSN1020 Interior Design I
IDSN1021 Interior Design Graphics II
IDSN1023 Drawing I
IDSN1060 Foundation Design I
IDSN1062 Foundation Design II
IDSN2015 Computer Graphics for Interior Design
IDSN2032 History of Interior Design & Architecture I
IDSN2037 Textiles for Interiors
IDSN2038A Interior Design II
IDSN2038B Interior Design II
IDSN2039 History of Interior Design and Architecture II
IDSN2044 Building Technology I: Construction Systems
IDSN2045 Architectural Rendering
IDSN2046 Building Technology II: Finish Materials
IDSN3028A Interior Design III
IDSN3028B Interior Design III
IDSN3032 History of Interior Design and Architecture III
IDSN3040 Building Technology III: Lighting and Electrical Systems
IDSN3041 Building Technology IV: Control Systems
IDSN4041 Business Practices for Interior Design
IDSN4042 Contract Documents
IDSN4051 Interior Design Internship I
IDSN4059 Senior Design Seminar I
IDSN4060 Senior Design Seminar II
  Interior Design-Related Electives: 9 credits

ARTHXXXX Art History Elective
GCDNXXXX Design Elective
IDSN2035 Photography for Interiors
IDSN2048 Furniture & Custom Detailing
IDSN2050 Directed Study
IDSN3015 Study of Great American Houses
IDSN3055 Kitchen and Bath Design
IDSN3059 Advanced Ideas Seminar in Interior Design
IDSN4000 Directed Professional Experience
IDSN4057 Independent Study
IDSN4058 Portfolio Preparation