Biology (B.A.)

Bachelor of Arts

The bachelor of arts program in biology is designed to be merged with studies in a non-science area. The resulting program will retain the elements of biology necessary for the successful application of this science in another discipline. Students will be advised to choose a minor; some possibilities include management, pre-law, professional writing and computer information systems. Other combinations may be arranged to fit the needs of students.

To complete the biology (B.A.) major, a minimum of 120 credits is required, the last 30 of which must be earned at La Roche College.

The following course work is required for completion of degree:

  • 33 credits in Major Requirements
  • 22 credits in biology electives level 2000 or above
  • 34 credits to satisfy remaining Core Curriculum requirements not covered above.
  • 31 credits of general electives slected with the approval of the academic advisor

Major Requirements Requirements: 33 credits (includes 22 credits of biology electives)

BIOL1003 General Biology I
BIOL1004 General Biology II
BIOL1005 General Biology I-Lab
BIOL1006 General Biology II-Lab
CHEM1001 General Chemistry I
CHEM1002 General Chemistry II
CHEM1003 General Chemistry I-Lab
CHEM1004 General Chemistry II-Lab
CHEM2015 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM2015L Organic Chemistry I-Lab
MATH1010 College Algebra
MATH1023 Trigonometry
MATH1040 Probability & Statistics
PHYS1010 Physics for Health Sciences
PHYS1010L Physics for Health Science-Lab