International Affairs

Bachelor of Arts

The International Affairs program will offer students the opportunity to develop a global perspective by being exposed to the complexities of world politics and economics. It will instill in students an awareness and appreciation for the mosaic of cultural diversity among nations and peoples. Students will be familiarized with the rapidly developing international organizational structures in government, business and other areas of international activity. Students will have career opportunities in public service in international areas of government and diplomacy, international governmental and non-governmental organizations and international business.

To complete the International Affairs concentration successfully, the following course work is required:

120 credits are required for graduation, the last 30 of which must be completed at La Roche College.

  • 36 credits of International Affairs Major Requirements
  • 18 credits of International Affairs Major Electives (NOTE: Students may select up to 9 credits in History and/or Geography).
  • 12 modern language credits in a language other than the student's native language (can be waived for International Students through completion of a Challenge Exam)
  • 37 credits Core Curriculum courses
  • 17 credits of General Electives selected by the student and the advisor.

International Affairs Major Electives: 18 credits

GEOGXXXX Any Approved Geography Course
GEOGXXXX Any Approved Geography Course
GEOGXXXX Any Approved Geography Course
HISTXXXX Any approved History Course
HISTXXXX Any approved History Course
HISTXXXX Any approved History Course
INMT3039 International Business Management
INMT3049 International Marketing
INMT4046 International Finance
INST4057 Independent Study
POLIXXXX Any Approved Political Science Course
RELS1003 World Religions
  International Affairs Major Requirements: 36 credits (select INST2011 or INST3010)

ADMG1005 Macroeconomics
INST2001 Global Politics
INST2011 World Geography
INST3003 International Political Economy
INST3010 Cultural Geography & the Human Mosaic
INST3011 Research Methods
INST3021 Comparative Government
INST3025 Development: Political, Social & Economic Issues
INST4048 International Legal Environment
INST4055 Senior Seminar in International Affairs
POLI1022 American Government