Leadership & Administrative Development

Bachelor of Science


We’ve designed the Leadership bachelor degree completion program with your needs in mind. In as little as 19 months, you can earn a Bachelor of Science. Once you’ve earned your degree, you’ll be poised to compete in a 21st-century economy and pursue a career in business or management.

With Leadership, we get down to business. We focus on writing, research methods, organizational behavior, information technology, human resources administration and communications. You’ll enroll in our intensive 30-credit program and take 9 consecutive courses over a 19-month period. You’ll work in cohorts with people who come from similar professional backgrounds.

The Leadership program is designed for the working adult that has already completed some college coursework. While the Leadership program only consists of 30 credits, you must complete the equivalent of 120 credits of college coursework to earn your degree. La Roche can accept up to 90 transfer credits in some situations. You can also explore other ways to meet the requirements, including:

  • Traditional or accelerated courses from La Roche College
  • College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), a standardized multiple choice test for various subject areas
  • Credits earned through Credit For Life Experience
  • Challenge Exams
    • 30 Leadership program credits
    • 90 Core/General elective credits (which includes transfer credits)

  • This degree completion program is designed for adult and transfer students interested in careers in business and management. The goals of the Leadership degree completion program are to enhance and further develop:
    • Interpersonal and leadership skills
    • Written and oral communication skills
    • Real world problem solving and decision making skills
    • Learner independence and self-reliance
    • Understanding of the research process and its application.

    We strongly recommend that students have at least 60 credits in transfer. To successfully complete the Leadership Program, the following course work is required:

LEAD Component Requirements: 30 credits

LEAD3001 Dynamics of Teams
LEAD3051 Information Literacy Skills
LEAD3056 Management and Financial Analysis
LEAD3061 Macro Organizational Behavior
LEAD4001 Leadership and Ethics
LEAD4021 Communicating Change
LEAD4031 HR Concepts & Negotiations
LEAD4056 Global Thinking & E-commerce
LEAD4061 Capstone Project