Performing Arts - Dance Studio

Bachelor of Arts

La Roche College Dance Department Mission and Vision


The mission of the La Roche College Dance Department is to prepare a competent, educated, and mature professional who is viable in the current creative work force. We are committed to nurturing our students through extensive technical training, a deep historical and kinesthetic knowledge of the art form, and an enriched artistic awareness that is developed through performance and practicum.

The La Roche College Dance Department is a ballet-based program offering a Bachelor of Arts Degree in professional performance and pedagogy. The concentration of the dance department is rooted in classical ballet; however the artists are to reach proficiency in multiple genres including: contemporary ballet, modern technique, jazz, Pilate’s technique, and dance composition.

  Maria Caruso


The La Roche College Dance Department strives to educate and coach our students in a nurturing and compassionate way, developing each of their individual talents through a comprehensive and cohesive academic and creative environment.


The La Roche College Dance Department is committed to the development and enhancement of our artist’s abilities in an effort to articulate our pristine accelerated programmatic goals on a national level.

  • Students study and train primarily with the Director of Dance for the duration of four years while receiving enrichment from company artists and esteemed guests of Bodiography Contemporary Ballet.
  • Students are required to reach equal proficiency in both classical ballet technique and contemporary technique upon graduation.
  • Students are required to demonstrate their competency and knowledge of all techniques through the production of a student guided senior thesis, which identifies their technical balance while highlighting their individual artistic strengths.

Dance Requirements: 66 credits

PART1000 FR Performance
  Performing Arts Academics - 30 credits:

BIOL1002 Intro to the Human Body: Systems That Move You
NSCI1010 Nutrition
NSCI2005 Kinesiology
PART1022 Fundamentals of Music
PART2010 Dance History I
PART2015 Dance History II
PART3015 Dance Pedagogy I
PART3030 Dance Composition
PART4030 Dance Compostition II
PART4055 Senior Seminar in Performing Arts/Dance