Religious Studies

Bachelor of Arts

The academic and scientific study of religion has always held a prominent position in institutions of higher learning. The religious studies department at La Roche College continues in this tradition. The major in religious studies is concerned with the academic study of religion in its historical and cultural context. The courses introduce students to the variety of areas of academic pursuit in religious studies, demonstrate the interface of religious studies and theology with the social sciences and enable students to understand, analyze, apply and evaluate theological methodologies and theories as they relate to human experience and existence.

The Religious Studies major is meant to prepare students in the academic study of religion for careers in Pastoral Ministry or social services or for graduate study.

To successfully complete the Religious Studies major, the following coursework is required:

  • 30 credits of Religious Studies Major Requirements
  • 15 credits of Religious Studies Major Electives
  • 34 credits of CORE Curriculum courses
  • 41 credits of General Electives

Major Requirements: 30 credits - Select either RELS4055 or RELS4056

PHIL2026 Ethics
RELS1001 Old Testament
RELS1002 New Testament
RELS1003 World Religions
RELS1011 Church History
RELS1015 Moral Theology
RELS1016 Sacramental Theology
RELS2014 Christology
RELS2034 The Church: Institution/Community
RELS4055 Senior Seminar
RELS4056 Directed Research in Religious Studies
  Major Electives: 15 credits

RELS1012 Christian Ritual & Worship
RELS1018 Survey of Catholic Doctrine
RELS2020 Women & Religion
RELS2033 Mystery of God
RELS2050 Special Topics in Religious Studies
RELS3031 Sociology of Religion
RELS3037 Religious Influence on U.S. Development
RELS3040 Varieties of Early Christianity
RELS3045 Special Topics in Scripture
RELS4051 Religious Studies Internship I
RELS4052 Religious Studies Internship II