Information Technology Minor


Requirements: 18 credits

3 academic years are estimated for Information Technology minor completion with respect to fall/spring course rotation and prerequisites.

Required Courses: 6 credits

ISTC1021 Problem Solving
ISTC2021 Management Of Information Systems
  Select 4 courses from the list below: 12 credits

CRIM3043 Computer Crime
CSCI4055 Advanced Database Theory
ISTC1006 Advanced Practical Computer Applications
ISTC1025 Computer Hardware
ISTC2005 IST: A Global Perspective
ISTC2008 Introduction to Cyberspace
ISTC2025 Computer-Based Training & DL
ISTC2030 Networking
ISTC2045 Data Base Management Systems
ISTC3000 Advanced Computer Hardware
ISTC3005 Legal Issues and Info Tech
ISTC3008 Web Page Usability & Programming
ISTC3010 IT Services Administration
ISTC3015 Human Computer Interaction
ISTC3046 Advanced Data Base Management Concepts