Humanities Minor


Requirements: 21 credits

3 academic years are estimated for humanities minor completion with respect to fall/spring course rotation and prerequisites. The following course work is required:

Humanities Minor Required Courses: 15 credits-ENGL2021 or 2022 & ENGL2036 or 2039; Select any 2000 or 3000 level ENGL (Literature) and PHIL courses

ENGL2021 World Literature I
ENGL2022 World Literature II
ENGL2036 Issues in American Literature I
ENGL2039 Issues in American Literature II
ENGL2XXX Literature Elective
ENGL3XXX Literature Elective
PHIL1021 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL2XXX Philosophy Elective
PHIL3XXX Philosophy Elective
  Must take at least 3 credits of the following:

RELS1001 Old Testament
RELS1002 New Testament
RELS1003 World Religions
  Select at least 3 credits of the following:

PHIL2026 Ethics
RELS2014 Christology
RELS2020 Women & Religion