Pre-law Minor


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Law schools look for students with critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities, as well as strong writing and oral communication skills. The courses required for completion of a Pre-Law Minor should help students develop those types of skills.

Three academic years are estimated for the Pre-Law Minor with respect to fall/spring course rotation and prerequisites. Students interested in preparing for the LSAT examination should consult with the chair of the Justice, Law, and Security Department for assistance. Completion of this minor alone may not necessarily facilitate adequate preparation for this professional credential.

30 credits are required for completion of the Pre-Law Minor. In addition to the required courses shown below, students must take the following:

  • One 2000-level English course
  • Two upper-level courses selected from the following departments: Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology and Criminal Justice

Required Courses (Select SPHC1001 or ADMG3024 or CRIM2011; Note CRIM2005 is crosslisted with POLI2005):

ADMG3024 Professional Presentation
CRIM2011 Intelligence Analysis & Presentation Techniques
CRIM3005 Constitutional Law
ENGL3037 Advanced Exposition
HIST3036 A History of American Values, Beliefs & Ideas
PHIL1020 Logic
PHIL2026 Ethics
POLI1022 American Government
POLI3005 Constitutional Law
SPCH1001 Modern Public Speaking