Professional Writing Certificate Program


Requirements: 24 credits

Students who wish to obtain the Certificate in Professional Writing must complete the equivalent of EN 111 and EN 112 as prerequisites to acceptance into the program. Twenty-four (24) credits will be required for the Certificate. No more than 9 credits may be transferred from another institution.

Choose 15 credits from the following:

ENGL2029 Business Communications
ENGL2040 Creative Writing I
ENGL3012 Special Topics in Composition
ENGL3031 Journalism I
ENGL3032 Journalism II
ENGL3037 Advanced Exposition
  Required Courses: 9 credits (Select GCDN1025 or ENGL3051)

ENGL2030 Technical Writing
ENGL3051 Publication Design
GCDN1025 Fundamentals of Electronic Publishing
ISTC2008 Introduction to Cyberspace