Nursing - Forensic Nursing Certificate Program


The Forensic Nursing Certificate is open to registered nurses and is offered in conjunction with the Criminal Justice program. Forensic nursing is the application of nursing science combined with the bio-psycho-social education of the registered nurse in the scientific investigation and treatment of trauma and/or death of victims and perpetrators of abuse, violence, criminal activity and traumatic accidents. Forensic nurses practice in a variety of settings including but not limited to hospitals, clinics, legal affiliations, law enforcement agencies, and correctional facilities. This certificate will prepare the registered nurse to assume a novice role as a forensic nurse.

Each student must complete the admissions requirements for forensic nurse certification. The courses for this program must be taken in sequence, though the last two may be taken concurrently.

The following courses comprise the certificate program:

Required Courses: 10 credits

CRIM1001 Intro Criminal Justice
CRIM3040 Crime Scene & Forensics Laboratory
NURU4040 Foundations of Forensic Nursing