Visual Communication Minor


A minor in Visual Communication will provide experiences directed toward the development of visual literacy: creative problem-solving and the design process, graphic techniques, visual language systems and the organization of visual elements. Especially useful to those students majoring in Marketing or Professional Writing, the Visual Communication minor will provide a practical mix of experiences complementing both verbal and visual communication.

The minor must be completed within the student's graduation timetable.

The Visual Communication minor is available to all students except those pursuing the Graphic & Communication Design degree.

A minimum of 18 credits, 6 courses, must be chosen from either of the following two sequences of art/design studio courses and MAC-based digital courses.

Sequence A: Design Studio - Choose 9 credits

COMM4038 The Creative Process
GCDN1023 Drawing I
GCDN1060 Foundation Design I
GCDN1062 Foundation Design II
GCDN2016 Digital Photography
  Sequence B: MAC-based digital courses - 9 credits

GCDN1025 Fundamentals of Electronic Publishing
GCDN1070 Computer Graphics I
GCDN1071 Computer Graphics II
GCDN2029 Interactive I
GCDN3026 Digital Prepress & Printing