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Bachelor of Science

This program is designed to provide the student with a strong foundation in chemistry, including a solid theoretical background as well as broad exposure to experimental techniques and current instrumentation. Upon successful completion of this program, a student will be prepared for entry level positions in chemistry-related industries and to pursue advanced degrees in a variety of scientific areas, such as medical/dental/veterinary school.

To complete the chemistry major, a minimum of 120 credits is required, the last 30 of which must be earned at La Roche College. The required course work consists of:

  • 46 chemistry component credits(2 of which must be in seminar)
  • 19 science component credits
  • 34 CORE credits
  • 21 general elective credits

NOTE: students choosing this major as preparation for medical/dental/veterinary school are advised to take the courses shown under that category below as chemistry or general electives.

Chemistry Component: 46 credits

CHEM1001 General Chemistry I
CHEM1002 General Chemistry II
CHEM1003 General Chemistry I-Lab
CHEM1004 General Chemistry II-Lab
CHEM2015 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM2015L Organic Chemistry I-Lab
CHEM2016 Organic Chemistry II
CHEM2016L Organic Chemistry II-Lab
CHEM3011 Analytical Chemistry I
CHEM3011L Analytical Chemistry I-Lab
CHEM3012 Analytical Chemistry II
CHEM3012L Analytical Chemistry II-Lab
CHEM3026 Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM4032 Physical Chemistry I
CHEM4032L Physical Chemistry I-Lab
CHEM4033 Physical Chemistry II
CHEM4033L Physical Chemistry II-Lab
CHEM4055 Seminar in Chemistry I
CHEM4059 Seminar in Chemistry II
CHEMXXXX Chemistry Elective

Science Component: 19 credits

MATH1032 Analytic Geometry & Calculus I
MATH1033 Analytic Geometry & Calculus II
MATH1040 Probability & Statistics
PHYS1032 Physics I
PHYS1032L Physics I-Lab
PHYS1033 Physics II
PHYS1033L Physics II-Lab

Suggested Medical/Dental/Veterinary School Preparation Courses:

BIOL2021 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy & Physiology I
BIOL2022 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy & Physiology II
BIOL2025 Microbiology
BIOL3013 Genetics
BIOL3014 Genetics-Lab
BIOL4019 Immunology
BIOL4020 Immunology-Lab
CHEM3036 Biochemistry I
CHEM3037 Biochemistry I-Lab

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