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National Security Studies

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Bachelor of Science

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The "National Security Studies" major is, of necessity, interdisciplinary in nature. It also requires a strong internship or co-op program to enhance the student's employment opportunities. The major has rigorous requirements and students are advised that their future employment will normally require the successful completion of a comprehensive background investigation.
A major in National Security Studies is meant to prepare students for career opportunities with federal and state agencies, that have as part of their mission the defense of the homeland or the implementation of U.S. Foreign Policy and strategic objectives; multinational corporations that require personnel with research, analytical and communication skills; and for further study at the graduate level

Students must maintain a minimum QPA of 3.2 and need to earn a minimum of a "C" in all courses taken. The program requires that the graduate possess the following skills:

  • A reading competency in one of the required foreign languages
  • The ability to produce written reports based on research, correlation, and analysis
  • Oral presentation skills, to include computer facilitated presentations
  • Knowledge of statistical techniques
  • Knowledge of computer applications and data management systems.

At the beginning of a student's junior and senior year, a committee composed of the department chairs, or their representative, of the Justice, Law, and Security, International Studies, History and Modern Language Departments will review the progress of all students enrolled in the program. Students whose QPA falls below 3.2, whose foreign language reading ability is inadequate, or who exhibit behavioral or academic deficiencies that would, in the judgment of the reviewers, make future employment in the national security field unlikely, will be placed on probation or disenrolled from the major.

A minimum of 120 credits is required for degree, the last 30 of which must be earned at La Roche College.

To complete the "National Security Studies" major, the following course work is required:

  • 20 Arabic or Spanish language credits
  • 18 National Security Studies" major required credits
  • 12 "National Security Studies" major elective credits
  • 6 Foreign Area Studies credits
  • 24 Skills Component credits
  • 37 Core Curriculum credits
  • 3 credit internship or co-op credits

Major Requirements: 18 credits

ADMG1005 Macroeconomics
CRIM3036 Terrorism
INST2001 Global Politics
NSCS2011 Intelligence Analysis & Presentation Techniques
NSCS4005 National Security & Intelligence: Senior Seminar
POLI3015 History of Political Thought

National Security Studies Electives: 12 credits

CRIM3034 Enterprise & Transnational Crime
CRIM3043 Computer Crime
INST3003 International Political Economy
NSCS3015 Financial Investigation & Analysis
NSCS4012 Emergency Preparedness & Crisis Management
NSCS4057 National Security-Independent Study
POLI2045 Islam in the World
PSYC1021 Introduction to Psychology
PSYC3030 Interpersonal & Group Dynamics

Requirements: Foreign Area Studies

HIST2035 History of Latin America
HIST3005 Contemporary Central America
INST3028 East Asian History
POLI3019 History & Politics of Africa
POLI3045 History & Politics of the Middle East

Skills Component: 24 credits

ISTC1006 Advanced Practical Computer Applications
ISTC2021 Management Of Information Systems
ISTC2030 Networking
ISTC2045 Data Base Management Systems
MATH1040 Probability & Statistics
NSCS3010 Business Intelligence
NSCS3011 Research Methods for Analysts
NSCS4051 Internship

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