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Description of the Program

Accounting 4+1

Program Guide


The 4+1 program was established to create a seamless transition from undergraduate to graduate study.  The Master of Science in Accounting offers an advanced level of study in various, specific topics in the accounting profession that do not typically appear in the undergraduate level.  Students enrolled in the program will be able to further their professional careers with the knowledge gained from these advanced level courses.  Students' successful completion of this program will meet the 150 hour CPA certificiation requirement.

To successfully complete the Accounting 4+1 major, the following coursework is required:

  • 48 credits listed under Business Core (major component)
  • 21 credits of Major Requirements
  • 6 credits of Major Electives
  • 9 credits of Skills Component
  • 34 CORE credits
  • General Elective credits if needed
  • 30 Master's Level Credits
  • A minimum of 150 credits are required for degree, the last 30 of which must be earned at La Roche College. (Developmental course work does not count toward the minimum number of credits required for graduation)

Accounting Major Requirements: 21 credits

ACCT3001 Taxation I
ACCT3002 Taxation II
ACCT3011 Intermediate Accounting I
ACCT3012 Intermediate Accounting II
ACCT3014 Cost Accounting
ACCT4001 Advanced Accounting
ACCT4002 Auditing

Business Core Requirements: 48 credits

ACCT2003 Accounting I
ACCT2004 Accounting II
ACCT2013 Managerial Accounting
ADMG1005 Macroeconomics
ADMG1006 Microeconomics
ADMG1018 Fundamentals of Management
ADMG2009 Business Law I
ADMG2018 Organizational Behavior
ADMG2025 Human Resources Administration
ADMG4020 Operations Management
ADMG4055 Seminar-Business Policy
FINC3032 Financial Management
FINC3036 Financial Institutions
INMT3039 International Business Management
ISTC1005 Practical Computer Applications
MRKT2021 Marketing Management

Major Electives: 6 credits

ACCT2025 Accounting with Computers
ACCT4051 Accounting Internship I
ACCT4052 Accounting Internship II
ADMG2010 Business Law II
ADMG3010 Business Organization & Regulation
FINC3031 Investments
FINC3034 Commercial Bank Management
FINC4033 Managerial Finance
INMT4046 International Finance
INMT4048 International Legal Environment
ISTC1006 Advanced Practical Computer Applications
ISTC2021 Management Of Information Systems
ISTC2045 Data Base Management Systems
ISTC2050 Distributed Data Processing

Skills Component Requirements: 9 credits

ADMG3024 Professional Presentation
MATH1030 Calculus for Business, Economics, & Managerial Sciences
MATH1040 Probability & Statistics

Master's Level : 30 credits

ACCT5020 Ethics & Professional Responsibilities in Accounting
ACCT5035 Modern Accounting Information Systems
ACCT5040 The Business of Reading & Writing
ACCT5050 Fraud Examination
ACCT6020 Advanced Forensic Accounting
ACCT6050 Wealth Management
ACCT6060 Accounting for Not-for-Profit Entities
ACCT6080 Contemporary Issues in Taxation
ACCT6085 International Accounting
ACCT6099 Applied Research

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