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Description of the Program

Liberal Studies

Program Guide

Bachelor of Arts

The Liberal Studies program will enable students to explore human existence in light of history, art, language, music, drama, literature, and scientific discovery. Liberal Studies fosters creativity, leadership, intellectual growth and the full development of each student's potential for individual growth through experiences in service, culture, and a wide range of academic disciplines.

To complete the liberal studies major successfully, the following course work is required:

  • 21 credits of Humanities
  • 15 credits of Social Science credits
  • 9 credits of Natural Science courses
  • 9 credits of Aesthetics courses
  • 9 credits of Administration and Management courses
  • 9 credits of Language Component
  • 48 CORE Curriculum/General Electives
A minimum of 120 credits are required for degree, the last 30 of which must be earned at La Roche College.

Administration and Management: 9 credits

ADMG1005 Macroeconomics
ADMG1018 Fundamentals of Management
ADMGXXXX Administration & Managment Elective

Humanities: 21 credits (Select PHIL2026 or 3027)

ENGLXXXX Literature Elective
PHIL2026 Ethics
PHILXXXX Philosophy Elective
RELS1003 World Religions
RELSXXXX Religious Studies Elective
SPCH or CMETXXXX Speech or Communications Elective
SPCH or CMETXXXX Speech or Communications Elective

Natural Science: 9 credits

NSCI/BIOL/CHEM Natural Science, Biology or Chemistry Course
NSCI/BIOL/CHEM Natural Science, Biology or Chemistry Course
PSEDXXXX Physical Eduction course

Social Sciences: 15 credits

HISTXXXX History Elective
PSYC1021 Introduction to Psychology
PSYCXXXX Psychology Elective
SOCL1021 Race, Class, Gender: An Introduction to Sociology
SOCLXXXX Sociology Elective

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