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Mathematics - BS

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Bachelor of Science

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The major in Mathematics introduces students to a field whose origins date from the dawn of history and whose ever-increasing pervasiveness and importance in science, engineering, business and finance renders it a veritable master-key to our understanding of the world about us. The degree in mathematics opens many doors to students upon graduation to a job in business, industry or government, to certification as a teacher, to graduate study in mathematics, statistics and computer science, among many other fields to a professional school in business or law. Moreover, the major in mathematics serves as a gateway not only to a job or career, but also to a world where logic and imagination combine to create timeless beauty and truth.
What distinguishes the BS from the BA in Mathematics is the requirement of 7 credits in Computer Science and that of 4 additional credits in Physics. Although the number of general-elective credits is thereby reduced by 11, the remaining 21 credits could still allow for a minor in many fields.

To complete the mathematics major, a minimum of 120 credits is required, the last 30 of which must be earned at La Roche College. The required course work consists of the following:

  • 46 credits in the mathematics core
  • 7 credits in Computer Science
  • 12 credits in Physics
  • 34 credits in CORE Curriculum courses
  • 21 credits of General Electives

Computer Science: 7 credits

CSCI1002 Introduction to Computer Science
CSCI1010 Programming I
CSCI1010L Programming I Lab

Mathematics Core: 46 credits

MATH1032 Analytic Geometry & Calculus I
MATH1033 Analytic Geometry & Calculus II
MATH2030 Analytic Geometry & Calculus III
MATH2031 Ordinary Differential Equations
MATH2050 Discrete Mathematics I
MATH2051 Discrete Mathematics II
MATH3015 Linear Algebra
MATH3040 Probability & Statistics I
MATH3045 Probability & Statistics II
MATH4003 History of Mathematics
MATH4015 Modern Abstract Algebra
MATH4020 Geometry
MATH4035 Real Analysis
MATH4090 Junior-Senior Seminar in Mathematics

Physics: 12 credits

PHYS1032 Physics I
PHYS1032L Physics I-Lab
PHYS1033 Physics II
PHYS1033L Physics II-Lab
PHYS2030 Physics III
PHYS2030L Physics III-Lab

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