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Social justice and equality are the key elements to a peaceful and stable society. But our world is often plagued by the persistence of centuries-old problems such as racism, poverty, war, oppression, enslavement, political economic underdevelopment, crime, human exploitation, and environmental degradation. Sociology is a field of study that analyzes these social problems and phenomena, and how they continue to affect groups and societies. It also examines how social issues arise and how they have been addressed. Sociology allows us to discuss realistic solutions to these problems and issues, and why or how these options have failed or succeeded. Through the understanding of the dynamic relationships between social structure and human behavior, scholars of sociology have provided theories and approaches to explain social issues, social change, and social problems.

What can you do with a BA in Sociology? Employers look for people with the skills that an undergraduate education in sociology provides:


  • As a broad discipline, sociology cuts across many areas of the social sciences. Thus a degree in sociology prepares students for a wide range of career opportunities in public administration, politics, social and health services, criminal justice, business, education, counseling, social research journalism, public relations, and various other needs, especially those that require analytical skills and working with people from all social backgrounds;
  • Knowledge and skills in sociological theories and research methods provide sociology students with the preparation for wide option of post-graduate work. A BA in Sociology is an extremely useful major for the preparation of graduate studies in sociology and other social science disciplines, as well as for law school;
  • Globalization has impacted nearly every aspect of people’s lives around the world. The growth of both business and non-profit organizations at the national and international levels requires the recruitment of personnel who understand world affairs and appreciate diversity. A BA in sociology that focuses on global affairs would prepare sociology students with the capabilities needed in such organizations.

At La Roche College, a minimum of 120 credits is required for degree, the last 30 of which must be earned at the College. To graduate with a Sociology major, the following course work is required:


  • 12 credits of major requirements
  • 24 credits of major electives, must include 15 credits at 3000 level.  Sociology electives can also be taken in the form of individualized courses for juniors and seniors from the following: SOCL4051 and 4052, Sociology Internship I and II; SOCL4056, Directed Research; and/or SOCL4057, Independent Study.
  • MATH1040, Probability and Statistics, is a prerequisite for the SOCL3011 Research Methods course. (3 credits).
  • 44 General Elective credits, at least 11 credits of which must be taken outside of sociology.
  • 37 College Core Curriculum credits (see to find out more).

Required Introductory Courses : Select 3 credits

SOCL1021 Race, Class, Gender: An Introduction to Sociology
SOCL1023 Global Social Problems
SOCL1034 Race & Ethnicity

Core Sociology: 9 credits

SOCL2040 Foundations of Social Thought
SOCL3011 Research Methods
SOCL4055 Senior Seminar in Sociology

Major Electives: Select 24 Credits

SOCL2022 Sports & Globalization
SOCL2030 Juvenile Delinquency
SOCL2038 Wealth, Power & Prestige
SOCL2045 Islam in the World
SOCL2061 Social Gerontology
SOCL2062 Human Services in Modern Society
SOCL2070 Culture & Human Societies
SOCL3008 Sociology of Work & Occupations
SOCL3020 Death & Dying
SOCL3025 Social Change & Development
SOCL3026 Women in American Society
SOCL3027 Family Relations
SOCL3029 Social Psychology
SOCL3030 Theories of Criminal Deviance
SOCL3031 Sociology of Religion
SOCL3037 Victims of Abuse & Neglect
SOCL3039 Politics &Society
SOCL3040 Ethnic Conflict
SOCL3041 Cities & Globalization
SOCL3050 Education & Society
SOCL3051 Development in Southeast Asia
SOCL3081 Environment & Society
SOCL3082 Social Movements & Resistance

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