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Bachelor of Science

This program is a part of our Management and Information Systems Technology (MIST) Programs.

Management Information Systems Technology is a member of the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), a leading specialized acceditation association for business education.

The field of Marketing includes a variety of related business activities. While individual occupations within these diverse areas may be specialized, decisions in any one of them require a broad understanding of the marketing process and an ability to analyze the factors that influence it. The marketing process begins with the identification and design of products or services, which will satisfy customer needs in both for-profit and non-profit environments. It continues with the packaging, pricing, advertising, distribution, sales promotion and servicing of the firms' offerings, whether in the real space or virtual (internet) environment.

The major in Marketing is designed as a comprehensive study of all these activities, providing both the common background required for any marketing career and an opportunity for specialization based on the student's interests. Students learn through the classroom as well as outside research projects involving real world marketing challenges.

This broadly designed major is appropriate for careers in:

  • generalized marketing and brand management
  • advertising, PR, and promotional strategy
  • personal selling and sales management
  • retail merchandising and management, and
  • marketing research

In this extremely competitive age of business, marketing provides the tools and skills necessary for differentiating companies, products and individuals. An understanding of product design, advertising, pricing, consumer behavior and distribution management is also essential. This major will actively promote an internship experience for students that can greatly facilitate the job search process.

To complete the Marketing major successfully, the following course work is required:

  • 48 Business Core Requirement credits
  • 9 Skills Component credits
  • 15 Marketing major required credits
  • 15 Marketing major recommended electives
  • 34 CORE academic program requirements and general electives
A minimum of 120 credits is required for graduation, the last 30 of which must be earned at La Roche College.

Business Core Requirements: 48 Credits

ACCT2003 Accounting I
ACCT2004 Accounting II
ACCT2013 Managerial Accounting
ADMG1005 Macroeconomics
ADMG1006 Microeconomics
ADMG1018 Fundamentals of Management
ADMG2009 Business Law I
ADMG2018 Organizational Behavior
ADMG2025 Human Resources Administration
ADMG4020 Operations Management
ADMG4055 Seminar-Business Policy
FINC3032 Financial Management
FINC3036 Financial Institutions
INMT3039 International Business Management
ISTC1005 Practical Computer Applications
MRKT2021 Marketing Management

Business Skills Components: 9 credits

ADMG3024 Professional Presentation
MATH1030 Calculus for Business, Economics, & Managerial Sciences
MATH1040 Probability & Statistics

Marketing Major Electives: 15 credits

MRKT2007 Advertising & Public Relations
MRKT3016 Personal Selling
MRKT3031 Sports Marketing
MRKT3050 Internet Marketing
MRKT4016 Brand Managment
MRKT4018 Services Marketing
MRKT4019 Sports Administration & Management
MRKT4035 Retail Marketing & Management
MRKT4046 Sales Management
MRKT4051 Marketing Internship

Marketing Major Requirements: 15 credits

MRKT3012 Buyer Behavior
MRKT3033 Marketing Research
MRKT3049 International Marketing & Export Management
MRKT4014 Marketing Strategy
MRKT4031 Contemporary Topics in Marketing

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