Grading System

The college awards the following grades and assigns quality points on a 4-point per credit scale:


Points Per Credit

Quality Description

































Minimal Passing















No Credit






In Progress



Not Received



Transfer Credit

Midterm Grade Policy

A grade at midterm is required for all freshman students both fall and spring semesters.  In addition, faculty are required to report any earned "D" or "F" midterm grades for students other than freshmen.

Incomplete Grade Policy

In exceptional cases, a student may request an incomplete grade "X" for a course.  If approved by the instructor, the request for an incomplete will be submitted on the appropriate form to the Registrar's Office.  In the event that the student does not complete the necessary work within six (6) weeks after the beginning of the next academic semester, the "X" grade will automatically become an "F" grade.  Extension beyond six weeks may be granted by the faculty member in the most compelling circumstances.  The faculty member must send an email to the Registrar for appoval requesting this extension with a deadline date for required work.  It is the responsibility of the faculty member to communicate this information to the student.

Pass or No Credit

A student may register for one pass or no credit course each semester.  Major, major elective courses, and college graduation requirement courses are not available for the pass or no credit option, except for internship courses.  Individual departments will determine whether internship courses will be graded on a pass or no credit basis.

Application for the pass or no credit option may be obtained from the Registrar's Office.  Signed applications must be submitted at the time of registration.  This formal application is irrevocable after the last day to add.  Since no quality points are assigned for a pass or no credit grade, the grade is not used in the calculation of the QPA.

Placement Tests

Freshmen students are required to complete academic course placement tests prior to their first semester enrollment.  Testing is required in three areas: writing, mathematics, and computer applications.  Transfer students who have not or will not receive transfer credit for college writing I and/or college algebra must complete the appropriate placement tests prior to their first semester enrollment.

Students who do not achieve satisfactory levels on the placement tests are required to complete appropriate developmental courses.  Specific courses and their term of completion are assigned by the Student Academic Support Services Office in consultation with appropriate faculty.  Developmental course credits apply toward a student's class standing and academic progress for financial aid purposes.  Developmental course credits do NOT, however, apply toward college graduation credit requirements, nor may their grades be calculated toward Dean's List consideration or calculated into a student’s QPA.

Repeated Course

A course may not be repeated more than twice without the approval of the student’s academic advisor and department chair.  When a course is repeated, the grades received in both the original course and the subsequent course will remain on the student’s academic record.  The higher of the two grades earned is included in the computation of the cumulative grade point average (GPA).

The repeated course must be the same in which the original grade was earned.  In extenuating circumstances where a course is no longer offered, another course of similar content, verified by the chair of the department offering the course, may be approved as the replacement.  If a course number or title changes, with no change in content, the new number and title will be accepted as the replacement.

Courses may not be repeated at any other institution and have that grade accepted as a replacement for the original grade earned at La Roche.

Semester Credit Maximum

The average number of credits carried by full-time students is 12-15 hours each semester.  Full-time tuition rate will be charged to students who take up to 17 credits.  Students with a 3.00 QPA for the preceding semester and a 2.5 cumulative average may take more than 17 credit hours during a semester with approval of the student's academic advisor.

Student Evaluation

During the last week of each semester each student confidentially and anonymously evaluates each course in which s/he is enrolled.  The faculty use these evaluations as a guide in improving their teaching and advising.

Temporary Transfer

Once a student is matriculated at La Roche College, no more than two courses, not to exceed 8 credits, may be taken and transferred from other colleges.  Authorization to have these credits transferred to La Roche must be obtained in writing before enrolling at another college.  Students may not transfer credits during their residency (the last 30 credits of their coursework).  Students who have accumulated 60 credits may not transfer credits from a community college, a junior college, or other two year program.  Only courses not available through La Roche may be taken at other institutions.  In most cases, permission for temporary transfer will be granted for the summer semester only.


All requests for offical transcripts are obtain through an on-line system.  A fee is charged for each official transcript requested.  A transcript will not be released for any student who has not met their financial obligations to the college.

Transfer and Extramural Credits

A student may transfer to La Roche College from other accredited colleges or universities.  In such cases, only those credits transfer which: (1) are congruent with the academic programs of La Roche, and (2) the student received an A, B, or C grade.  Credits are evaluated course-by-course by the Registrar.  In all cases the academic departments at La Roche will have final determination on the evaluation of courses which satisfy major and/or department requirements.  Transfer students may transfer credits toward their major at La Roche with the following limitations:

  • Graphics, Design and Communication - individually determined by the department chair.
  • Humanities - 9 credits in a major
  • Sciences - 50% of the credits in a major
  • Administration and Management - 39 credits in a major
  • Social Sciences - 15 credits in a major

Transfer credits are not included in the computation of the QPA but are accepted toward a degree.

Withdrawal from the College

If a student voluntarily withdraws from the college for any reason he/she must complete an  exit survey and withdrawal on-line.  This procedure must be followed by all students wishing to withdraw from La Roche including those taking La Roche classes at all campus locations or cross registered at other institutions.  All refunds of tuition and fees are based on the official date of withdrawal.  Failure to properly complete the withdrawal process may result in the loss of good standing.