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Criminalistics Certificate

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The Justice, Law & Security Department, in coordination with the departments of Biology and Chemistry, offers a Certificate in Forensic Arts and Sciences. This certificate will be awarded to those who have demonstrated proficiency in the forensic application of the sciences of Biology and Chemistry. This forensic application entails a basic understanding and demonstrated knowledge of selected subject matter areas of the Criminal Justice System.  Students must be enrolled concurrently in one of the following majors: Biology with Forencis, Chemistry with Forensics, or Criminal Justice.

Requirements for completion of a Certificate in Forensic Arts and Sciences are as follows:





    During the Senior Seminar or Capstone course, the candidate will complete a research project on an area in forensic science. The proposed topic will be submitted in writing and approved by the coordinating committee, the members of which will ensure that the approval criteria and evaluation criteria are consistent for each project.

    Coordinating Committee:

  • Lawrence E. Likar, MA., JD
    Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Justice, Law, and Security
    Supervisory Special Agent FBI (Ret'd)
  • Gail Rowe, Ph.D.
    Professor, Biology Department
  • Don Fujito, Ph.D.
    Professor and Chair, Chemistry Department


All candidates must receive a minimum grade of "C" for each forensic component course and the research project. Criminal Justice majors must also receive a minimum grade of "C" in all required science courses.

Forensic Component: 16 hours: Biology, Chemistry and Criminal Justice Majors

CRIM1001 Intro Criminal Justice
CRIM3010 Criminal Law
CRIM3041 Criminalistics
CRIM3045 Criminal Investigations

Science Component: 25 credits (Includes 2 Select Science courses: Biology and Chemistry): For Criminal Justice Majors

BIOL1003 General Biology I
BIOL1004 General Biology II
BIOL1005 General Biology I-Lab
BIOL1006 General Biology II-Lab
CHEM1001 General Chemistry I
CHEM1002 General Chemistry II
CHEM1003 General Chemistry I-Lab
CHEM1004 General Chemistry II-Lab
CRIM3040 Crime Scene & Forensics Laboratory

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