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An uncertain economy and a shaky stock market created a number of challenges for La Roche College in 2002. In November, the College responded by realigning its administrative staff to initiate some cost reductions. That resulted in the elimination of 25 positions in departments such as Public Relations, Development, Information Technology, Physical Plant and Human Resources.

“La Roche’s situation is similar to many colleges across the country at this time. The gyrations of the national economy affect us, too,” said Kerr. “When we made the decision to eliminate staff positions, we paid particular attention to how it would affect student services. We believe students will see no difference in the level of service they have come to expect and deserve.”

Beyond the staff reductions, the College hopes to realize some savings by changing its enrollment policy for the Pacem In Terris Institute. In the past, students from developing countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere were granted full scholarships to La Roche even if they were only partially funded. La Roche has now decided that it will only admit Pacem students who are fully funded. Such funding may come from a variety of sources: private gifts and donations, government grants, or assistance from the student’s home country. The College is also beginning to recruit paying international students as part of the Pacem program.

“The Pacem In Terris program remains an integral part of our mission at La Roche,” said Ken Service, vice president for institutional relations. “We want to continue offering educational opportunities through this unique initiative, but we must be cautious in our approach.”

Kerr noted that the La Roche community should expect a period of lean budgets and limited spending in the comings months.

“The College officers are working on a financial master plan that has a long term goal of securing the institution’s future,” said Kerr. “Implementing such a plan will take the cooperation and patience of all members of our community.”

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