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Pittsburgh, November 24, 2008 — This month, Rwandan students visited La Roche College and got a taste of what American college students experience on campus. At the same time, the La Roche students learned more about the challenges their Rwandan counterparts have faced in their journey to simply survive.

Since mid-October, Julliet Busingye and Nicholas Rutikanga, two students of the Kilgali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) in Rwanda, have been visiting the United States speaking to other college students on behalf of Orphans of Rwanda, Inc., (ORI) a non-profit organization dedicated to helping orphans and socially vulnerable young people in Rwanda pursue a university education. La Roche College was one of the host colleges to the Rwandan students, and during the second week of November, Julliet and Nicholas experienced what college life and classes were like in the United States.

Throughout the week, Julliet and Nicholas took part in classes that they would not be able to take in Rwanda, and they also shared their life stories and experiences with the La Roche College students. At the end of the week, Michael Brotchner, ORI executive director, along with Julliet and Nicholas, conducted a special presentation for the La Roche community, giving attendees insight into the organization as a whole, how students are selected into ORI, background information about the students, and much more. The presentation was followed by a question-and-answer session.

During the presentation, both Julliet and Nicholas remarked about how close-knit the La Roche College community was, along with how welcoming the students, faculty and staff were during their time on campus.

“When you attend a school with 6,000 other students, it is difficult to become close with the other students, and be able to share what you think with them,” Nicholas said. “But here, students know each other, they help each other, they are kind to each other, and they made me feel like I was at home.”

Upon returning to Rwanda, Julliet and Nicholas will rejoin other ORI students who have been traveling abroad. Following their education, they hope to become leaders in driving economic development and social reconciliation in Rwanda.

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