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Pittsburgh, May 26, 2009 — College students are always looking for three things: fun, money and job experience. One student has stumbled across an opportunity that provides all three of these. She even calls it the “perfect summer job.”

Katie Zeak, who graduated May 9 from La Roche College with her bachelor’s degree in English, works for the Pittsburgh Pirates as a member of the Canonball Crew. Another La Roche student, Nick Russo, is also working there. Russo is currently playing Cheese Chester in the Pierogie Race.

“I found the job listing for open interviews on the Pirates web site,” Zeak said. “I decided to give it a shot, because I’ve always been such a fan of baseball and the team.”

However, when it came time for her interview, Zeak said she was so nervous that she almost didn’t go. Her interview was a success, though, since she was asked back for a tryout.

“There were so many people there,” she said. “I never thought they would pick me, but they did.”

Zeak is now in her third season as a member of the in-game entertainment Canonball Crew. She enjoys entertaining thousands of people and looks forward to the sold-out games when there are more than 30,000 people cheering from the stands.

“I don’t know how many people can say they slingshot t-shirts and hotdogs at work everyday,” Zeak said. “I love going to work; I love what I do.”

Auditions for the crew are open to anyone that is at least 18-years-old, according to the Pittsburgh Pirate’s web site. Zeak said she recommends the job to anyone in college. Other than having a blast every night, she is getting a paycheck, is building her resume and is participating in something “timeless” in Pittsburgh.

Although she enjoys the team and atmosphere in general, Zeak still has a favorite Pirate: Jack Wilson.

“Unlike all the newer and younger guys, Wilson has played his entire major league career with the Pirates,” she said. “His devotion to the team and passion for winning is exactly what more of our players need.”

In the future, Zeak plans to begin graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh in the fall with hopes of becoming a counselor. But for now, she is happy with the Pirates.

“I plan on staying with the Canonball Crew until they tell me I’m too old to shoot a t-shirt anymore,” Zeak said. “It’s something that is just too awesome to give up.”

Anyone looking for more information on the Canonball Crew should contact the Pittsburgh Pirates promotions department at 412-325-4730.

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