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Pittsburgh, October 2, 2009 – Sometimes, you have to take care of your own, and Ingomar resident Phyllis Hartman, M.S., SPHR, decided to do just that. Together with colleague Nancy Glube, Hartman realized that human resources professionals – who offer advice and guidance to others every day – rarely gain guidance for their own career paths. After some research, the two found that very few books were written regarding this subject, so they took on the challenge and filled that gap with their recently published book titled, “Never Get Lost Again: Navigating Your HR Career.”

Hartman, a La Roche College adjunct faculty member and a graduate of the college’s Human Resource Management master’s degree program, and Glube regularly discussed the world of human resources with colleagues. They came upon the idea of writing a resource book for their peers when they saw one didn’t exist.

“We decided to write a book that would combine practical advice, tips, experiences and success stories of HR professionals who have journeyed to their desired destinations,” Hartman said. “We also wanted to recognize roadblocks and barriers, and even prepare these people to consider how they might deal with career derailment.”

The book took approximately two years to complete, from concept to printing. Following its completion, Hartman donated a copy to La Roche President Sister Candace Introcaso, CDP, Ph.D., for use in the college’s John J. Wright Library because “it was important to give back” to La Roche College.

“I owe a lot to the College. My continued involvement with La Roche and my fellow alumni has allowed me to establish and maintain a huge network of HR peers, which is critical to success in any career and particularly HR. Now, as a teacher, I have been able to grow my networks more, to learn from my students, and to give back to the profession,” she said.

Hartman hopes that their book serves as a great resource to any HR professional, as well as others in a wide variety of careers.

“I hope it helps people both inside HR or those considering the HR path, as well as managers who want to understand HR professionals and how they can work with and support them. Ultimately, I hope it inspires people to grow and to consider following Nancy and I in one of the most interesting and exciting careers in today’s world of work,” she added.

For information about the book and how to obtain a copy, interested people may contact the La Roche College Office of Graduate Studies & Adult Education at 412-536-1262 or visit Hartman’s website at

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