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Division Chair of Humanities


La Roche College Fast Facts

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The La Roche Experience

LRX is built around the college’s mission, which is:

La Roche College, a Catholic institution of higher learning, founded and sponsored by the Congregation of the Sisters of Divine Providence, fosters global citizenship and creates a community of scholars from the region, the nation and around the world. The College integrates liberal arts and professional education in creative ways, empowering all members of our community to become lifelong learners, achieve success in their chosen careers and promote justice and peace in a constantly changin g global society.

So … what does that mean? It means we want to help you reach your goals while you’re at La Roche, meeting new people and having new experiences along the way. When you graduate, you will leave here as a person who can easily step into today’s competitive global marketplace. Learning how you’re part of the larger community is something we introduce you to through a relationship with a member of La Roche’s founding congregation – the Sisters of Divine Providence.

We at the college share our North Hills neighborhood with these inspiring women. They have helped to propel La Roche College from a small local resource when it was founded in 1963 into a viable and respected educationalinstitution. Through LRX, you will be matched with a member of the congregation for an e-mail exchange.

Some students make this a one-time introduction; others have found it to be the start of a great friendship. The Sisters of Divine Providence are welcoming, and they can be a great resource for you. They’re also just really great women who have a lot of experience in education, business, the sciences and counseling – among other specialties.


Academically, we’ll help to prepare you for collegiate level course work, which is especially important during your initial months at the college. You will be assigned an academic adviser, who will help you on your journey toward graduation and a successful career. We encourage you to make the most of your time with this resource.

Your adviser helps you develop a personal college plan and also helps you have a fuller college experience. Remember:75 percent of the time you spend at college occurs outside the classroom. Your adviser can help you find things that interest you and will fulfill your personal college plan.

Some Program Highlights

You will take part in some eye-opening simulation exercises as part of the La Roche Experience. These activities are meant to be thought-provoking, and they should help you to become more aware of world issues – many of which affect you right here in western Pennsylvania. Some examples:

  • The Hunger Banquet
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Help the Homeless

We hope that these exercises inspire you to write a journal entry about your feelings or discuss them with a friend or your adviser. However you approach them, remember that they are all part of your growth and education at La Roche. We guarantee you won’t leave the sessions feeling the same way you did when you came into them. And that’s a good thing.

Making the Most of the “Experience"

”Remember, this is a time in your life like no other. You will be living and learning with a group of your peers. The friends you make now will share your good days and bad days, cheer your successes and help you shoulder your struggles. They will dance at your wedding and hold your children some day. It may not seem like it now, but the La Roche Experience is preparing you for all these things that are part of your journey to the future. We take our role in preparing you very seriously, and we look forward to sharing in your life here at La Roche College.


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