PHR-SPHR Certification Prep Course

PHR/SPHR Certification Prep Course SHRM Learning System ®

SHRM-LogoThis course provides an overview of key areas in human resource management corresponding to the six functional areas as defined by the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) and covered in the PHR and SPHR exams. These six modules are Strategic Management, Workforce Planning and Employment, Human Resource Development, Compensation and Benefits, Employee and Labor Relations, and Safety and Environment. The course is offered in cooperation with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and uses SHRM student learning materials which prepare students to take the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification examinations administered by HRCI. Students are required to use the most current version of the SHRM Learning System Materials.
PreRequisites: None

Who Should Attend

  • HR practitioners seeking professional development to enhance or to advance their career 
  • Experienced managers who are new to the human resource field 
  • Mid-level managers pursuing career change or promotion 
  • HR professionals planning to take the PHR or SPHR certification exams 
  • HR professionals pursuing a broad overview of human resource management 
  • HR specialists desiring a broader understanding of human resource management 

Program Benefits

  • Career Advancement: This course is strategic in nature, preparing HR professionals for career advancement opportunities. The course features open, interactive forums and "real-world" case studies to effectively reinforce the key concepts of each session. 
  • Cost-effective learning: Participants minimize travel expenses for professional development. 
  • Practitioner-focused and compentency-based: The curriculum is designed by subject matter experts and includes application exercises that develop specific competencies and decision-making skills. 
  • Tuition reimbursement: Many participants will be eligible to apply for employer tuition reimbursement. 
  • Action-oriented curriculum: The course provides opportunities for HR professionals to network, share experiences, and apply what they learn to the workplace. 
  • Recertification credits: Certified HR professionals can earn credits toward PHR/SPHR recertification. 
  • Convenient hours: Local courses are attractive to busy professionals because they are offered after work hours. 

Certification Information

Please note that to earn either the PHR or SPHR designation, candidates must have at least two (2) years of exempt-level experience in the HR field. 

Please check the HRCI website for detailed testing information, or call HRCI at 800-283-7476. 


The SHRM Learning System Course® registration fee includes six workbooks that are based upon the HRCI test specifications and a certificate of completion. Each module includes: 

  • In-depth readings to expand your knowledge and reinforce what you already know. 
  • Application exercises that ask you to apply the information to "real-world" situations. 
  • Periodic progress checks, with approximately 300 printed questions located throughout the course to continually reinforce your learning, ensure your retention of the reading materials and provide test-taking practice. 
  • A glossary of terms to make it easier to review key terms. 
  • An index to help locate and review specific topics. 
  • A bibliography for further research topics of interest. 

The course also includes: 

  • Facilitation by experienced professionals who hold SPHR certifications and who guide the learning process with real life examples and explanations. 
  • A software component that is designed to help increase performance on certification exams and encourage more strategic thinking on HR issues. 
  • Individual post-module testing that allows you to assess your HR knowledge in each functional area. 
  • A Guide to Smart Test Taking to help improve your test-taking skills. 
  • Reference charts of important legislation, case law, and commonly used acronyms. 

Questions, please contact:

Lois Kuttesch,
Graduate Studies & Adult Education
Phone: 412-536-1267
Fax: 412-536-1283