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University FAQs

General Questions 

Why become La Roche University?

The change to university status aligns with La Roche’s structure and breadth of academic offerings, which now include 66 undergraduate programs of study, six master’s degrees and one doctoral degree. Being known as a university more accurately articulates the type of institution we are today, especially in the minds of prospective students, potential donors and the general public.

What are the benefits of becoming a university? 

Becoming a university allows for growth in new degree programs, increases the visibility of the institution both domestically and abroad, makes it attractive to students and faculty, and reflects the quality and diversity of our academic offerings.

What are the benefits specifically for undergraduates? Graduates? Doctoral students?

For undergraduate students planning to achieve their master's or doctoral degrees at an institution other than La Roche, graduating from a university may prove helpful on the application to graduate school. For doctoral students, it is characteristic that they would be receiving their degree from a university since granting doctorates is a hallmark of a university, not a college. For all students, there is an added measure of prestige in graduating from a university.

    How does a college become a university?

    University status is recognition from the Pennsylvania Department of Education and peer universities that La Roche is an institution that should be recognized at this higher level. PDE only grants university status after ensuring that The University meets the required criteria. This “stamp of approval” is not granted lightly and is something we should all be proud of. 

      When do we become La Roche University?

      We are now La Roche University. President Introcaso announced the transition to La Roche University on March 26, 2019.

        When will new signage, logo displays, publications and the website reflect the change?

        A large number of items are already being replaced, and we will continue to make updates throughout the summer of 2019. The College seal and logo have been updated to reflect university status. Some items will slowly transition. The website will remain

        Current and Prospective Students

        If I'm graduating in May 2019, what will my diploma say?

        Students completing their program of study in May 2019 will graduate from La Roche University.

          Will the change to university status impact our admission standards?

          Our designation to university will not impact our admission standards.

            Will the change to university status affect our small class size? Personal attention to students? Core values?

            As a university La Roche will continue to stand firm in its mission and core values of inclusivity, integrity, determination, compassion, inspiration, justice and peace. La Roche will build on its rich history and what it is already known for – educating students to be lifelong learners in an increasingly diverse and global society. Our students receive quality instruction with a real-world approach, and individualized attention is one of our best benefits. None of this changes for La Roche University.

              Does the status change increase student tuition and fees?

              The change to university status will not cause an increase in tuition and fees across the board. La Roche will remain affordable with tuition remaining nearly 20 percent lower than that average cost of other private colleges and universities. And we will continue to offer more than $10 million in merit-based scholarships per year.

                Is financial aid impacted?

                No. The same forms, procedures and standards for applying for and receiving financial aid will remain the same. Students should still apply for financial aid as soon as possible after Jan. 1 for the upcoming academic year. The priority deadline for the submission of complete applications is May 1. The school code for La Roche on the FAFSA will remain 003987.

                  Faculty and Staff 

                  What is the process for ordering business cards and stationery?

                  The process for ordering business cards and stationery remains the same.

                    What if I have La Roche College letterhead? Can I still use it after March 26?

                    Offices that are communicating with prospective students should transition immediately to new letterhead after March 26, 2019. All other offices may continue to use their La Roche College letterhead until their supply has been depleted or until June 30, 2019. Beginning July 1, 2019, all La Roche College letterhead, business cards, publications, etc. should be recycled. 

                      When can I have access to the new logo to order merchandise for giveaways or fundraisers?

                      University logos are available on the Marketing and Media Relations Intranet page.

                        Should I change my email signature now?

                        Your email signature should now include La Roche University.


                          What does it mean for alumni?

                          Alumni can feel a renewed sense of pride that their alma mater has achieved university status. 

                            Can I list La Roche University on my resume?

                            Yes, you may list La Roche University on your resume, regardless of your graduation year.

                              If I request a new transcript, will it read La Roche College or La Roche University?

                              It will read La Roche University.

                                If my diploma is from La Roche College, will I be able to get a La Roche University diploma?

                                Yes, the Office of the Registrar is working out the logistics and will have an update by the fall.

                                  If I request a new transcript, will it read La Roche College or La Roche University?

                                  It will read La Roche University.

                                    Is my old transcript still valid?

                                    Yes, your La Roche College transcript will remain valid.

                                      Is my old diploma that reads La Roche College still valid?

                                      Yes, your La Roche College diploma will remain valid.

                                        I have established a recurring gift to La Roche College. Will my recurring gift continue with the name change?

                                        Yes, La Roche’s bank accounts, online giving portals and brokerage account numbers will not change. The institution will retain the rights to the legal name La Roche College. However, we ask that all new contributions after the transition be made payable to La Roche University.