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Labyrinth at Kearns

    A unique sacred space on the campus La Roche shares with the Sisters of Divine Providence is a permanent outdoor labyrinth. Designed and constructed in 2003, the labyrinth is available 24 hours a day, all year long, for the enjoyment of visitors.

    The labyrinth is an ancient, sacred symbol found in many religious traditions throughout the world. During the Middle Ages, labyrinths were prominent in numerous cathedrals in Europe, where Christians walked floor labyrinths or traced their fingers along the carved ridges of wall labyrinths.

    The labyrinth is located behind Kearns Spirituality Center and can be reached by walking past the front of the building, then walking toward the right. Anyone is welcome to walk the labyrinth at any time. Brochures about the labyrinth are located at the beginning of the walk.