Stained Glass Windows

Six new stained glass windows, designed by Nick Parrendo and fashioned by Hunt Studio of Pittsburgh, were installed in July 2003. The two half-circle windows represent Providence by day and by night. The window above the entrance to the worship chapel represents Providence at dawn; the window above the cross represents the guiding presence of Providence through the night. Bishop Donald W. Wuerl prayed at the dedication of the windows: “As the light of day shines through these windows to reveal the saving events of your Divine Providence, so may the light of your love be bright in the lives of your people so that your church might be blessed with continued growth throughout the world.”


Four circular windows highlight significant people and events in the mission of the University and its relationship to the founding and sponsoring Congregation, the Sisters of Divine Providence. The windows are a memorial to Catherine B. Flynn, maternal aunt of Joan Bruce and Sister Mary Joan Coultas, fourth president of La Roche College.


The circular windows represent important parts of the University’s mission and history, including, top to bottom: the Pacem In Terris the acclaimed international student program; the fleur de lis, found in Mother Marie de la Roche’s family coat of arms; the journey from Germany of the Sisters of Divine Providence, the University’s founding congregation; and Bishop Wilhelm von Ketteler, the founder of the Congregation of Divine Providence in Germany in 1851.