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Mother of Providence Chapel

Originally built in 1927, the Mother of Divine Providence Chapel was renovated in 2000-01 in order to make much needed repairs and to bring the space into compliance with the documents of the Second Vatican Council. On September 14, 2001, the chapel was formally blessed, with Bishop William Winter presiding. This brochure is devoted to the Mother of Divine Providence Chapel and the theology of Providence that is so clearly evident in the renovated worship space.

A guiding principle throughout the renovation was that the design, materials and construction details be deliberately woven together as a backdrop to the sacred purpose of the space. The restoration of the original exterior and interior architectural elements included the installation of a clay tile roof similar to the original, and the installation of a new copper roof at the apse. The original chapel, built in the mid 1920’s, was designed in the architectural style of Romanesque Revival. Most of the original liturgical furnishings were constructed of marble and onyx.

The restoration and refurbishing of fundamental architectural elements included the vaulted plaster ceilings, walls and cornice, the granite columns and stone capitals, the gray Tennessee marble floor at the apse area, ornamental wood screens, stations of the cross, and the two angels that flanked the altar in the former sanctuary.