Student Self-Assessment

Understanding one’s academic profile, values, interests, personality and skill sets is crucial to appropriate major selection and career goal achievement.

All students complete the assessment module of FOCUS2, a comprehensive online assessment, education and career planning program as an ongoing resource to identify majors and occupations that are best suited to assessment results.

Designated faculty and staff use these individualize assessment results to advise students regarding major selection and occupation exploration. Students have personal FOCUS2 accounts to continue self-directed career exploration and journal-related activities as they continue their professional education through co-curricular activities.

Online Career Resources

Online career development assistance is accessible through the student portal My.LaRoche. Students can access career development resources to aid them with career development initiatives.

Career Development also encourages students to establish an online account through College Central. This career service network connects students with potential employers through a La Roche-specific internship/job board and links to national internship/job-search engines.

College Central also provides a database through which students can take advantage of job-search preparation tools to upload competitive resumes and portfolios for potential employer access. Employers post positions and can search uploaded student/alumni resumes to identify qualified candidates to meet their hiring needs.

Individual Counseling and Group Workshops

Through one-on-one appointments and group workshops, students receive a range of interactive, career-orientated instruction and learning activities in all areas of the career development process. Guest speakers including alumni, faculty and employers often share their professional advice and expertise with students.

Internships and Co-curricular Experiences

Gaining firsthand experience in the professional world of work enhances student preparedness for professional employment.

Internships, which allow students to gain academic credit in their major by completing an onsite work experience, expose students to specific career-work environments and tasks while providing professional networking opportunities.

La Roche faculty advisers oversee students’ internship placements and progress to ensure that students earn instructional and worthwhile exposure to the world of work.

Internship and Employment Interview Opportunities

Through consortium membership and employer campus recruitment, students have the opportunity to interview with potential employers for internships and employment. La Roche faculty and Career Development staff identify qualified students and work with them through the process of resume creation and interview preparation. Consortium employers review qualifications to select students to interview for specific internships and/or job placement.

Career and Job Fairs

As a school partner in the Western Pennsylvania Career Service Association, La Roche supports the offering of two annual career fairs. These career fairs provide students the prospect of networking with employers to investigate internship and employment potential. The Office of Career Development facilitates job-fair preparation and posts the dates of regionally scheduled job fairs.

Business Etiquette Dinner

The Business Etiquette Dinner integrates professional etiquette instruction into an evening reception and formal dinner. Both students and alumni employers are invited to attend this networking opportunity.

Alumni Networking

La Roche utilizes its alumni work experience as a resource to educate and mentor current students. A Career Development Alumni Committee provides a resource of expertise in the areas of career preparation and advice. Activities like mock interviews and alumni/student dinners allow professional La Roche alumni to interact with students, and offer career advice and networking assistance.

Graduate School Research and Application

This process requires due diligence and time. The Office of Career Development supports students through the school and program search and application process.