Writers Center

Writers' Center

Ever had trouble completing a classroom project or organizing your thoughts so that you can approach an assignment? La Roche University is responding to this growing need among students with the Writers' Center. Consultants can help you address important questions concerning your assignment, such as:

  • Have I done what the assignment asks me to do?
  • Does my paper/project follow a logical thought pattern that will readily convey the message to the reader?
  • Are there parts that are unclear? Have I left something important unsaid or included too much?
  • Have I properly sourced my term paper/project?
  • How can I revise this paper given the comments my instructor has made on my first draft?

There are no grades, no homework, and no grammar drills. Instead, your consultant can offer objective analysis and advice on the status of your project, your next step, how you can polish it and how you can complete it. The Writers' Center is located in Room 208 in the Academic Building. Appointments are 30 and 60 minutes long, starting on the hour and half-hour.  

For more information, contact Dr. Jessica Ganni, Writers' Center Director, at 536-1230. 

Information for Teachers

What can the Writers' Center do to help my students?

The La Roche University Writers' Center can help both undergraduate and graduate students learn to:

  • Develop ideas
  • Structure their writing in ways appropriate to the audience and purpose
  • Write clear and correct prose
  • Identify and correct errors, and assess their writing in relation to the assignment and the applicable conventions of the discipline

Consultants will not try to provide students with unchanging models of "good writing," as if all kinds of writing for any discipline are always the same. Instead, consultants help students to determine the standards and expectations of the specific discourse community their piece of writing speaks to, recognizing how the features of the discipline they are studying are reflected in writing practices, and how to adapt prior writing strategies to current situations.

What other things should I know about the Writers' Center?

  • Appointments are 30 to 60 minutes and are conducted as one-to-one consultation
  • Walk-ins are accepted, but scheduling an appointment in advance is strongly recommended
  • Students, faculty, staff and alumni of La Roche University are eligible for the services provided by the Writers' Center

What can I do to help the Writers' Center help my students?

When instructors send students to the Writers' Center, they can help consultants work effectively with the student if they make their expectations clear. Referral post-it notes are available at the Center to identify general categories of attention needed on specific papers. Comments on student papers, copies of the assignment, and directions that specify the criteria for evaluating the paper also help the consultant help the student. Tell your students to bring these materials with them to the tutorial session. Instructors can also contact the Director to develop an instructional plan for individual students.

What can the Writers' Center do to help me teach writing in my courses?

The professional staff at the Writers' Center has considerable experience in the teaching of writing and can help instructors develop sequences of assignments to meet course objectives, design evaluation criteria, assess student writing and utilize peer review or discussion of student papers in class sessions. Talking directly with the Director about your specific needs would be most productive.

How can I get more information?

Call Dr. Jessica Ganni, Writers' Center Director, at 536-1230.

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