Peer Counseling Program

One of the core components of the Providence Institute is peer counseling. Every incoming PI Candidate will be assigned a peer counselor at the start of the Summer Program. Assignments are arranged on a compatibility basis.

Students are required to work with their peer counselor throughout the course of the academic year during study hall sessions, group activities, academic workshops and evaluation meetings. 

Peer counselors will...

  • Provide immediate, pro-active support for their assigned students
  • Assist with the transition of PI students from high school to college
  • Promote academic excellence
  • Encourage the development of positive relationships with students, faculty and staff
  • Offer knowledge about campus services and resources
  • Foster self-confidence so that PI students become more independent 
  • Empower PI students by modeling the study, organizational and personal skills needed for success
  • Be a consistent and reliable source of structure and motivation

Meet Our Peer Counselors

amber alcindor 2018
Amber Alcindor
Year: Junior
Major: Chemistry
Minor: Biology
Activities/Interests: Living a healthy lifestyle and participating in on campus activities
Favorite Movie: "Girls Trip"
Favorite Food: Rice, tostones, salmon balls and banana fritters
What I'm looking forward to this 18-19 year: I am hoping for a prosperous academic school year for myself and my mentees
Chloe Harvey

Year: Senior
Major: Psychology and Sociology
Activities/Interests: Spending time with friends, photography, traveling, thrift shopping and trying new foods
Favorite Movie: "Titanic"
Favorite Food: Tacos
What I'm looking forward to this 18-19 year: I am looking forward to learning new things and meeting new people. Although, I am a senior I love to meet new people each year and join new clubs and activities. I am also looking forward to graduating and moving on to my master’s degree. I am excited for my new opportunity as a peer counselor and I look forward to building strong relationships and memories!

jennifer kardos 2018
Jennifer Kardos

Year: Junior
Major: Biology
Activities/Interests: Hiking, watching movies, going to Pittsburgh and hanging out with friends
Favorite Movie: "Hidden Figures"
Favorite Food: Cheesecake
What I'm looking forward to in this 18-19 year: I am looking forward to learning and trying new things. Also, I am eager to have a successful academic semester and help others have the same!

amanda sowko 2018
Amanda Sowko

Year: Junior
Majors: Computer Science
Minors: Computer Security and Forensics and Information Technology
Activities/Interests: I like coloring, all things Disney and scrap-booking
Favorite Movie: "Now You See Me"
Favorite Food: Mac and Cheese
What I'm looking forward to this 18-19 year: Going to Disney World and learning more about my major.