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At La Roche University your professional development is just as much of a priority as your academic experience.

Unsure about your major or career goals? Looking for an internship? Need assistance with your resume or help preparing for an upcoming interview? Seeking employment search advice or a means to connect with hiring employers? 

The Office of Career & Professional Development offers services, resources, coaching and programming to help you craft and navigate your professional plan and ultimately achieve your career goals.

When you embark on your La Roche education, we challenge you to learn and grow both academically and professionally as early as your first semester. 

Your Professional Growth

While classroom learning and content knowledge contributes to your academic success, your participation in co-curricular activities enhances that learning. What you do out of the classroom supports your academic success, and lays the groundwork for your professional growth.

The Importance of Crafting a Career Plan

Your career development is a process over time that begins with self-discovery during which you gain an understanding of who you are professionally. 

Once you understand who you are, you are positioned to explore your options to determine where you want to go. From there we coach you on crafting a career plan to identify the action steps you will take to get from who you are to where you want to be. 

The decisions you make and the activities in which you participate in as a La Roche student will positively impact your future success. 

How Career Development Can Help

The Office of Career & Professional Development is here to provide the guidance, inspiration and resources you need to gain confidence in who you are, determine your professional goals, and engage in the activities that will allow you to be the qualified candidate you need to be to achieve your professional aspirations.

    Step 1: Know Yourself
    A graphic representing self-discovery.
    What is your professional brand? By completing the online Focus 2 self-assessment exercises, you'll discover your VIPS: values, interests, personality and skills.
    Step 2: Explore Options
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    Career and academic advisors, and occupational resources on Focus 2 allow you to find major, minor and career opportunities that align with your VIPS.
    A graphic representing action steps.

    Engage in co-curricular activities and internships beyond the classroom. Connect with employers, and build your network. 

    A graphic representing plan building.
    Create your personalized plan, and set goals for each semester. Identify activities to acquire major-specific proficiencies. Connect with industry professionals.